Volunteering with SBC in Peru

We hope you will join us at the heart of our operations in Batan Grande. Volunteering at SBC’s Conservation Center is an opportunity to participate in the day-to-day actions that support the protection of spectacled bears, a keystone species in the heart of northern Peru.

  • WIN-WIN!   Volunteering is a WIN for SBC as we can always use an extra set of hands or a special skill set to support our fight to save spectacled bears.  You WIN the awesome feeling you get when you give your time and energy to a most worthy cause. 
  • Never a Dull Moment.  Our conservation center is a hub of activity.  On any given day you might be helping with data collection, reforestation, infrastructure projects or engaging with local communities. 
  • Fall in Love….with the landscape, the people, and of course spectacled bears!


Scroll through the photos below for a glimpse of a day in the life of an SBC volunteer


Join the frontlines of conservation to save spectacled bears

  • Discover new bear habitat and species in remote areas
  • Experience life as a bear researcher on our passionate team
  • Help protect a global biodiversity hotspot


Volunteers of all ages and families are welcome year-round!

  • Accommodations on-site
  • Authentic local meals provided
  • Opportunities to explore northern Peru

Volunteer Information

What is it like to volunteer with SBC?

Is there any experience required?

What is the lay of the land at the SBC Conservation Center?

What is the weather like?

How do I apply?

What’s my to-do list once I'm registered as a volunteer?

What will SBC provide?

What are the fees?

What are some must-see destinations in Peru?

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    Can’t make it to Peru?

    We’re a small and mighty group, truly powered by our passionate community of supporters. Here are some other ways to contribute:


    Share our stories and our work with your community to raise awareness for spectacled bears.

    Give Inkind

    Provide inkind donations. We are always in need of new field equipment and computers.


    Sell Felti

    Be a Felti Ambassador. We are always looking for retail partners in every community. 


    Give Time

    Volunteer your time. Whatever your skills (accounting, IT, etc.), we can use your talents!


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