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Phenotypic plasticity in the timing of reproduction in Andean Bears
Journal of Zoology – Scientific Research Paper – Descarga aqui

First confirmed record of Jaguarundi on the western slope of the Peruvian Andes
Journal of Biodiversity Data – Scientific Research Paper – Descarga aqui

Diversity and seasonality of birds in permanent waterholes in the Peruvian northwest
For press, Ornitologia Neotropical – Scientific Research Paper – Descarga aqui




Cuatro esfuerzos de conservación del osos de anteojos 
Mongabay Latam
Febrero 2020

Every Spectacled bear counts: Marco shows the danger of isolation
Wildlife Conservation Network
October 2019

Spectacled bears’ home in the dry forest of Peru revealed
Mongabay News
July 2018

A fat bear is a healthy bear
Wildlife Conservation Network
May 2018

From Fires to Floods: Spectacled Bear Conservation is rebuilding after back-to-back natural disasters  
Wildlife Conservation Network
February 2017

Feeding the Bears
Wildlife Conservation Network
July 2016

The only bear in South America
Mongabay News
October 2015


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