Watch to learn more about SBC’s long-term goal in collaboration with the Peruvian government and local communities to create a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that will protect 1.5 million acres of land surrounding Machu Picchu and make a bigger impact for bears and countless other species in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

Why Bears?

Bears play an important role in wild environments and protecting them makes a strategic conservation impact.  We’re excited to be part of this film by Wildlife Media. Watch and learn more.

Los Osos de Anteojos

Watch for an overview of our conservation work and community programs.

The Bears of SBC

This video shows footage of bears we have studied in our extremely vulnerable dry forest spectacled bear population. 

NCI-SBC field exploration

We partnered with Nature and Culture International (NCI) to work with communities and protect spectacled bear habitat in high elevation montane forest and paramo in the northwest Peruvian Andes.

Cub eats pasallo

Spectacled bears have strong jaws to chew through vegetation, even the bark on pasallo trees in the equatorial dry forest.

Cliff Climbing

Spectacled bears are excellent climbers with curved, sharp claws and long front limbs.  They easily climb both trees and steep cliff faces in the equatorial dry forest. 

Tree Scratch

This bear’s back is itchy!  Spectacled bears also rub against trees to communicate with other bears by leaving a scent.


We’re excited to be featured in Beartrek, a film that documents the plight of brown, spectacled, polar and sun bears.  Learn more

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