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Major seasonal weight fluctuations: bears' survival at risk.

Oct 03 2011

SBC remote cameras and field observations show major weight fluctuations in spectacled bears between the summer and winter months due to access to Sapote fruit.

Before sapote fruit                                          After sapote fruit

In October 2011, SBC held a press release at the Archeological Musuem of Sipan to urge Peruvian stakeholders, university directors, professors, students and the Peruvian government to protect prime sapote habitat which is a critically limiting resource for spectacled bears . Our remote cameras and field observations have shown an extreme fluctuation in bear condition and weight between seasons. During the winter months (April – November) when food resources are limited spectacled bears become startling thin until they can feed on the sapote fruit. This is a natural phenomenon that shows how challenging this habitat is for wild bears, and suggests how important the sapote fruit is for them. Further conservation efforts need to made to protect prime sapote habitat and ensure that all bears can reach this low lying plant during the summer months and breeding season to ensure their survival during the dry winter months.

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