Zoo Partnership Programs

Many zoos are active supporters of wild life conservation and the SBC zoo partnership program is SBC’s way of partnering with zoos around the world to save the endangered spectacled bear of the coastal dry forest of northern Peru. SBC offers zoos a unique opportunity to become directly involved in promoting it’s research and conservation programs.

Why Participate?

Zoos would benefit from participation in the SBC Zoo partnership program in the following ways:

  • The zoo would become a leader in spectacled bear conservation by supporting community based conservation programs and scientific research.
  • Zoos would receive reports, updates and photographs directly from the field.
  • Zoos would be recognized by SBC in their publications (web site, annual reports and newsletters)
  • The availability of SBC staff to answer questions and provide additional updates via phone or email.

Ways to get involved:

Zoos can become involved by:

  • Direct funding of new and ongoing projects. All funding would be used to directly support conservation and there is no such thing as a contribution that is too small.
  • Selling conservation products in the zoo gift store.

To partner with SBC please contact Robyn Appleton, director of SBC at the following email address: robyn@sbc-peru.org


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