Jessica Amanzo

Jessica is the Peruvian Director of SBC and a biologist.  She was born in Lima and studied as an undergraduate in Biology at the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina.  After graduating she pursued graduate studies in Zoology, focusing on Ecology and Conservation at the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM). She has 15 years experience in the study of mammals, worked for eight years in the Department of Mammalogy in the Natural History Museum of UNMSM and is currently a teacher at Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University and since 2005 she has taught the orientation of ecology.

She has conducted research on biodiversity and mammalian ecology and conservation in different ecosystems in Peru and led biodiversity projects as a basis for the establishment of new protected areas (ANP), biological corridors and strengthening the ANP's management.

Her research has focused on the study of large mammals, especially the spectacled bear  and mountain tapir in the montane forest and the paramo in the north of Peru. Both species are highly threatened.  She has received training in the capture and immobilization of bears in Canada and participated in projects monitoring grizzly bear populations.  While in Canada she worked with Dr Michael Proctor.  This was made possible by a scholarship from the IBA (International Association for Bear Research and Management). Jessica joined the team at SBC in 2012. Her knowledge and work strengthens the institutional development of SBC and the conservation efforts and research that is being done in the coastal population of spectacled bear, a flagship species of regional biodiversity and cultural landscape of Lambayeque and Peru.  Jessica is also works with the IUCN/SSC - Tapir Specialist Group (TSG); is Country Coordinator
IUCN/SSC and a member of the Andean Bear Specialist Group (ABET).


Research. Education. Community Outreach.